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When you complete a check run, you can print the Cash Requirements report. This report displays a list of unpaid invoices and the current amount due for each invoice, and the amounts are compared against your current account balances in General Ledger.

Reviewing the Cash Requirements report can help you determine if there is currently enough money in your accounts to pay all invoices that are due. You can also print this report periodically to track expenses before invoices are due.

 To print a cash requirements report
  1. Under Manage Records, click on the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Accounts Payable Invoices and click Go .
  3. Click Pay Invoices.
  4. Enter a Pay Through Date. To view all unpaid invoices, select Show All Invoices.
  5. Enter a Check Date, or click the down arrow to select a date in the calendar.
  6. Select the bank you want to pay the invoices from.
  7. Select the Pay? checkbox beside invoices to pay in this check run.
  8. Click Print Cash Requirements.
  9. In the Sort drop-down list, select the appropriate option:
    • Select Vendor Name to sort the report by vendor name.
    • Select Account Distribution to sort the report by account.
    • Select Print Distributions to print account distributions on the report.
  10. Optional: Select Print All Banks to print cash requirements for all bank accounts. Otherwise, only the cash requirements for the bank you selected print on the report.
  11. Select which invoices to print:
    • Select Print Marked Invoices to print cash requirements for all of the invoices marked for payment.
    • Select Print Unmarked Invoices to print the cash requirements for all of the invoices not marked for payment.
    • Select both to print the cash requirements for all invoices.
  12. To preview the report, click Preview. To print it without previewing, click Print.


The check date is the date ACS uses to verify you are making the payment in time to honor a vendor discount (if applicable). If the check date is on or before the discount date, the discount is taken.