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You can create a report of selected members or the entire membership of your organization using the People Directory report. The report prints a complete listing of records, and you can customize it using the available report options.

 To set up the People Directory
  1. Under Searches and Reports, click the Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select People Reports, then click Go .
  3. In the upper sidebar, under People Reports, expand Directories.
  4. Select the People Directory report and click Customize.
  5. On the Report Selections, Report Layout, and Report Options tabs, select the options you want.
  6. Click Preview to generate the report.
  7. To print the report, click Print Report . You can also export the report.

Additional Field Information

Report Selections

Name Options
Select which name to print on the report, then select any other name options.

Report Options
In this area, you can select to include deactivated people. You can also generate the report based on a filter, attendance group, or a selected special field (such as an attendance group). You can also flag individuals by member status by selecting Flag People. You can also print the report to display only active members by selecting a member status. 

Search Results
Select Use Last Search Results to generate the report based off your last search. The date of the last search and number of records found display.

Record Format

  • Include Address — To display the address on the report, select this option, then select any address customization options.
  • Include Phone Number — To display phone numbers on the report, select this option. Then, select to suppress the area code, print unlisted phone numbers, or bold the preferred phone, if applicable. You can also select to only print specific phone types.
  • Include E-mail Address — To display e-mail addresses, select this option. Then, you can select which e-mail types you want to display or select to print unlisted e-mails or bold the preferred ones.
  • Include Children — To display children's names on the report, select this option. Then select if you want to bold them, print all names on one line, or print the children's names above the address line.
  • Print Birthday — To print the birthday, select this option. You can also print the birth year for adults.

Page Format

  • Print Parents on One Line — Select to print parents' names on one line.
  • Bold Parent's Names — Select to bold parents' names
  • Print 'Family Residing At — Select to print 'Family Residing At' on the first line of the family information for families with no head or spouse record. If this option is not selected, the first line will read '(Last Name) Family'. Example: For Jane Aaron and James Aaron, the first line will print 'Aaron Family' if this option is not selected.
  • Print Refer to — Select to print a separate listing for an individual with a different last name than the head of the family. When this option is selected the individual prints with the family and in correct alphabetical order by his last name. If the option is not selected, the individual will print only with the family.
  • Print Line After Each Family — Select to print a solid line after each family.
  • Print Title on Every Page — Select to print the report title on each page of the report.
  • Print Page Number — Select to print the page number on each page of the report.
  • Print Date — Select to print the date on each page of the report.
  • Print Time — Select to print the time on each page of the report.
  • Page Break/Last Name Letter — Select to break pages based on the first letter of the last name.
  • Print Summary Page — Select to print a summary page at the end of the report.

Page Setup

  • Columns — Select the number of columns to display on the report. You can print up to four columns.
  • Orientation — Select the report's orientation (Portrait or Landscape). If you select Landscape, you can use this feature to print a People Directory in booklet format. To do this, print the odd pages first, then the even pages, and use a copy machine to create the booklets.