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After you enter time sheets and print the time sheet journal report, it's time to process and print the payroll journal. We strongly recommend that you print and file this report for audit purposes.

The Payroll Journal calculates all taxes, adjustments, and wages from the information entered in the time sheets. It also changes the start and end dates. 


If you receive a warning that negative checks were created when processing the Payroll Journal, this means at least one employee has tax withholdings or adjustments that cause the check's net pay to be less than zero.

To fix this, print the payroll journal to look for the negative check. Then, reset payroll and correct the negative amount by removing or decreasing the extra withholdings or increasing the pay amount. ACS will not print or post negative checks.

 To process and print the Payroll Journal report
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Payroll Checks and click Go .
  3. Click Process Payroll Journal.
  4. Select the Pay Period with the adjustments that you want to process for the employees' checks. If you do not select the correct dates, not all adjustments will display.
  5. Select the Period Start and Period End dates.
  6. In the Check Date field, enter the date you want to print on the checks.
  7. Select the appropriate option to print the journal in summary or in detail.
    • The summary includes the total number of ACH checks, gross wages, additions, taxes deducted, other deductions, employer and employee federal tax liability information, and any other employer contributions.
    • The detail includes the summary report's information as well as each individual employee's wage totals, taxes and deductions, accumulated time, and net and gross pay.
  8. Click OK.
  9. To remove the Social Security Number from the report, clear the Print Social Security Number checkbox.
  10. To print the report, click Print. To preview before printing, click Preview.

After processing the payroll journal, continue the payroll process by previewing your payroll checks.