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You may need to remove a grade level from multiple students' records at one time. For example, if you do not keep track of graduated students, you can use the Mass Assign Assistant to remove the grade level from the alumni records. Or, if you added an incorrect grade level to a group of students, you may want to remove the grade and add it again.

If you are changing grades at the end of the school year, you can remove multiple grade levels at the same time. Select the first grade you want to remove, press CTRL, then select the other grades you want to remove. When you select the grades that you want to remove, ACS automatically selects the customers with the assigned grade levels for you, and you can clear the Accept check box for any customer whose grade level you do not want to remove.

 To Remove Grades from Multiple Customers' Records
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Define Lists tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Accounts Receivable and click Go .
  3. Click Grades, then Mass Assign Assistant.
  4. In the Mass Assign Assistant window, select Grades and click Next.
  5. Under Option, select Remove grades from customer records and click Next.
  6. Select the grade from which you are removing customers. To select multiple grades, press CTRL and click each grade.
  7. After selecting the grades you are removing customers from, click Next.
  8. A list of affected customers displays. In the Accept column, ensure that all customers whose grade is being removed are selected. Clear the Accept check box for customers whose grade you do not want to remove.
  9. To print the list of customers whose grade you are removing, click Print.
  10. Click Finish, then OK.