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The Design Workspace of ACS Report Designer is provided by Digital Metaphor's software, Report Builder. For detailed instruction on using Report Builder, see the Digital Metaphors help below. Please note that ACS uses Report Builder Enterprise version 10.09. These help links may be for different versions of Report Builder.

If you think you would benefit from personalized training with Report Designer, check out our training services, which are available at an additional cost.

Report Designer Tutorial Guide

Use the Report Designer tutorial guide to familiarize yourself with basic report building tasks and advanced report-building techniques. The guide is a series of tutorials that use a sample database to teach you how to create reports from start to finish. The tutorials begin with the basics, such as adjusting bands, and ends with advanced reporting techniques, like crosstab creation.

Set Aside a Day

Before you begin designing reports, set aside a day to complete the tutorials. Keep in mind that they build on one another, moving from basic concepts to complex reports. Therefore, it may be difficult to complete an advanced tutorial without having first completed earlier lessons. Each tutorial produces some kind of report using important aspects of Report Designer.

To use the Report Designer tutorial guide, download and install the setup file first.

 To install the tutorial guide setup file
  1. Download the setup file.
  2. Once it is downloaded, open the file.
  3. Follow the instructions in the setup window.

When you finish installing the tutorial guide, you can being using it.

 To use the tutorial guide
  1. In the ACS Report Designer Tutorial folder, open the Learn Report Designer Guide.
  2. Start reading. When it prompts you to try a task, open the Learn Report Designer file. This is a standalone version of Report Designer that includes sample data. Use it to complete the tutorial lessons.
  3. If you need further instruction, open the Learn Report Designer Help file.


Additional Information

This tutorial guide is for an earlier version of Report Designer. Please keep in mind that the steps for accomplishing tasks, as described in the guide, may differ from the current version of ACS Report Designer. For help with design in the current version, see Designing Reports.

Report Designer Calculations Help

Report Application Pascal (RAP) is the programming language used for formula calculations in the Report Designer. The RAP user guide provides useful information on the functionality found on the designer's Calc workspace and on the Calculations menu option associated with the Variable report component.

Technical Expertise Required

This section contains programmer-level help. Although some of the information is not relevant for typical Report Designer users, the reference material is helpful when using the calculation features of Report Designer.

 To access the RAP user guide
  1. Download the RAP user guide.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, open it.


Report Designer Programmer Level Help

The link below opens a help file containing information about Report Builder, the program that ACS Report Designer is built on. This help file provides information relevant to those familiar with Delphi programming.

Technical Expertise Required

This help focuses on computer programming. We recommend it only for users who have experience with the Delphi programming language.

 To access the Report Builder user guide
  1. Download the Report Builder user guide.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, open it.