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Before you scan your checks, you should separate them into groups (batches) by fund. You’ll also want to group together any checks with amounts that you need to split among separate funds.

Each batch is considered a separate deposit, so you can set your own number of checks that will be in each of your batches. For example, if you have 300 checks and you scan 100 checks in each batch, you’ll have 3 deposits for that day.

It’s a good idea to add up the check amounts for each batch in order to get an expected batch total that you can later compare to the scanned total.

To scan checks

  1. Double-click the SpeedCheck icon. The Scanner window displays.
  2. Click Create New Batch.
  3. Load a batch of checks in the scanner tray.
  4. Click Start/Capture.

    If you're using the SmartSource scanner, you should see the SilverBullet loading screen.

    If you don't:

    • Turn off the scanner
    • Unplug the USB cable from your computer
    • Turning the scanner back on
    • Plug the USB cable back into your computer
  5. After the checks scan, click End Batch/Process.
  6. To scan another batch, repeat steps 3 - 5.
  7. When you’re finished scanning your check batches, click Exit.