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Once you have created the data source for your report, you can set the sort order of the data. Setting the sort order is especially important for reports that include vast amounts of data. It makes locating information within the report much easier.

When you set the data sort order, you select what fields to sort the report by. The first field in the list is the primary sort criteria: the data is sorted by this field first. You can choose additional fields to sort by, up to a max of 15.

For example, you generate a report of all the people in your dataset. Your first sort field is Member Status. This is helpful because it sorts everyone into the status of member, visitor, contributor only, and so on. However, whether you have 80 or 8,000 members, you need further organization within these categories. So, you select Last Name as the second sort field. This way, the report is sorted first by member status, but the names within each status are also sorted by last name.

 To set the data sort order
  1. On the Report Options tab, click Set Data Sort Order.
  2. In the Available Fields list, double-click the first field. It then displays in the Sort Report by list.
  3. If you prefer, select another field to sort by. You can select a max of 15 fields.
  4. To re-arrange the order of fields, click Move Up and Move Down.
  5. To remove a field from the Sort by list, select it and click Remove.
  6. You can specify whether the data is sorted in Ascending (A...Z, 1...10) or Descending (Z...A, 10...1) order.
  7. When you are finished, click OK.

Once you have set the data sort order, you can design the report.