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On the Group Setup menu, you can add, edit, or delete existing groups and arrange the way they display in drop-down lists. You can add master groups, add, edit, or delete activity categories, divisions, or departments, and reorder how groups display.

You can also add or edit list items for events and positions or perform group maintenance tasks such as clearing markings, deleting rosters, or attendance, and update the date last attended. In addition, you can copy a master group and its components, such as rosters, dropped records, and deactivated groups.

The Options tab lets you select the format for names that print on your reports. You can print a formal label name, informal label name, or custom label name. The name options selected from the Options tab only affect reports printed from Enter/Post Attendance, Inquiry, View/Edit Groups, and Add/Edit Individuals.

To get started, select Activities in the Group Type drop-down list, then click the appropriate link below to learn about each area. Only groups that you have user rights to edit display.