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Effective January 26th, 2014, Full-Service Intelligent Mail will be required for automation discounts. All clients who want to use Full-Service Intelligent Mail and receive the automation prices must purchase the Max It! module and take a few additional steps. See the Using Full-Service Intelligent Mail help topic for this information, and view more information on the postal requirements from the USPS.

After you set up your mailing labels in ACS and clicked Create Mailing, the PRESORT Agent Wizard displays. Use the PRESORT Agent Wizard to select a mailing template, a presort class and type of mailpiece, and the discounts for which you qualify. In addition, enter the dimensions of your mail piece and mailing permit information, and define your mailing’s sorting options and label stock.

As you proceed through the wizard, click Next to go to the next window, or click Previous at any time to return to the previous window. To navigate between fields, click in the fields or press TAB on your keyboard. Pressing ENTER on the keyboard will take you to the next window in the Wizard.

If your organization sends many bulk mailings, you may also find it helpful to create templates for your mailings. Templates store your settings for future use, saving you valuable time when creating bulk mailings.

The information that you enter and settings that you define in the PRESORT Agent Wizard allow Max It to complete the required USPS forms for bulk mailing and determine the best discounts for your organization’s mailings, maximizing your bulk mail savings.

When you have completed the PRESORT Agent Wizard, you will have successfully: