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Use the Customized Payroll List Report to create as many customized payroll list reports as you need to meet the needs of your organization. Use the Select Columns option to choose the fields that you want to include in your customized payroll list reports. For example, you can select Employee Name and Direct Deposit Flag to display all employees who have direct deposit. 

Make sure to give each customized payroll list report a unique name to distinguish the report from all the others.

Here are some tips for understanding and using the Customized Payroll List report:

  • The Report Layout displays the names of all fields and field sizes used in the report. We recommend printing a report layout for all of your important custom reports. Printing report layouts provides you with the necessary information to quickly enter report settings.
  • If necessary, you can adjust the length of the fields. When you adjust the length of a field, notice that the Total Inches Remaining field automatically adjusts to help you gauge the number of inches you have left to work with on the report. The default field sizes are averages and can be reasonably reduced (depending on the number of columns you have selected). However, when reducing field sizes, always preview the report before printing to make sure that the column headers and data are not truncated.
 To customize and print the Customized Payroll List report
  1. Under Generate Reports, click the Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Payroll, then click Go .
  3. In the Reports window, expand Lists, select the Customized Payroll List Report, and click Customize.
  4. On the Employee Search and Options tabs, select any report options you want to display on the report, then click Select Columns.
  5. Under Available Columns, select a field that you want displayed on the report.
  6. Use the arrow buttons to add, remove, and arrange columns in the order you want them displayed on the report:
    • To move your selection to Columns to Print, click the right arrow .
    • To move a single column from the list of Columns to Print and return it to the list of Available Columns, select the column name and click the left arrow .
    • To move all columns from the list of Columns to Print and return them to the list of Available Columns, click return all .
    • To move the order of a column further down, select the column and click the down arrow
    • To move the order of a column up, select the column and click the up arrow
  7. Optional: To adjust the length of a column field, select the field name and enter the desired length in the Adjusted field size field.

    Useful Information

    You must edit the adjusted field size for a column heading while it's in the Available Columns list before moving it to the Columns to Print list. 

  8. Adjust the field length of fields to space the columns on the report as desired.
  9. Optional: Click Print Report Layout.
  10. When finished, click Return to return to the Reports window, then click Preview to display your report.