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To meet the new postal regulations regarding Full-Service Intelligent Mail in effect January 26th, 2014, if you have not done so already, you must install ACS version or later, and load the latest Mail Modules update. Visit the Client Portal.


The user loading the Mail Modules update must have administrative rights on the workstation in order for the update to be successful.

After loading the Mail Modules update, you will notice a few new items as you progress through the Presort Agent Wizard. The new information must be entered in order to get the discounts from the USPS.

Below are the changes to be aware of:

Entering the Zip+4 for Your Local Post Office and Selecting Mail Agent

When you enter your mailing permit information, you must select Mail Owner and enter the Zip+4 of the local Post Office where you will submit your mailing.

Mailing Role and Permit Information

Entering the Customer Registration and Mailer IDs

You will enter your Customer Registration ID, Nonprofit Authorization number, and Mailer ID when entering your mailing permit information. These IDs are assigned by the USPS through the Business Customer Gateway.

Mailing Permit Information

Entering the Fields in the Mail.dat Information Window

After you enter the mailing permit and mailer ID information, you will see a new window called Mail.dat Information. You must enter all fields on this window and the descriptions for each one are listed in the Entering Mail.dat Information help topic. This window is where you will enter your IDEAlliance Code (License Code) and Facility Identifier ID (Identifier).

Mail.dat Information window

Entering the Document Title and Selecting the Move Update Method

On the Sorting Preparation window, you must click Documents and give the document a title under Document Settings, for example, Newsletter Mailings. Under Dates, select the date you last processed Cass It! for Automation Coding, Carrier Route Coding, and Carrier Route Sequencing. Under Move Update Method, select your method from the drop-down list and select the Processing Date. If you select NCOALink for the method, the Processing Date will be the last date you processed NCOA. If you choose any other method, the Processing Date will be the current date.

Sorting Preparation window


Document Settings



Selecting the Full-Service Intelligent Mail Option

On the Intelligent Mail settings window, you must select the option Full-Service Intelligent Mail.

Intelligent Mail Settings

Selecting the Nonprofit Option for Discounts

On the Mail Sort Discounts window, you must select Nonprofit under Eligibility Discounts.

Mail Sort Discounts

Selecting the Intelligent Mail Container 

On the Tray Label Layout window, you must select Intelligent Mail Container under Label Type.

Tray Label Layout

Saving the Mail.dat files to Upload to PostalOne!

Instead of printing out your postal reports and taking them to the Post Office, you will submit files electronically through PostalOne! You can register for an account here. If you want to print and save the reports for your records, you will still have this capability.

When you reach the final window of the Presort Agent Wizard (the Progress window), you will see the option to save the Mail.dat files.

Progress window

You can select to save the files to any folder on your hard drive, and we recommend creating a separate folder for these files. You may want to create a folder called Max It! mailings or bulk mailings, then create a sub folder for each time you run a mailing and save the Mail.dat files. The title of the sub-folders can be the dates you run your mailings.

You will notice that several files are saved; the only one you need to upload to PostalOne! is the .hdr file. You will upload this to PostalOne! through the TEM Testing during the initial setup. Once this is completed, you will submit your Mail.dat jobs to PostalOne! as a live job, then bring your Job ID along with your mailing to the Post Office. Note: You can print out your Postage Statement from PostalOne! which includes this Job ID.