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The PostalOne! application provided by the USPS® is only compatible with Windows® operating systems.

Effective January 26th, 2014, Full-Service Intelligent Mail will be required for automation discounts. With this change, you will need to get approved by the USPS by going through TEM Testing which is free. For each Max It! mailing, you will submit your reports electronically through a service called PostalOne!®, which will generate a Job ID. You will submit your PostalOne!® Job ID in person with your mailing to the Post Office. You will no longer submit your postal reports to the Post Office manually.


To use PostalOne!, you will need to set up a free account with the Business Customer Gateway. When you register with the Business Customer Gateway, it will take about 24 hours for your account to be established. With this in mind, you will need to register for an account in advance.

What this Means for You

In order to meet the new USPS regulations, updates to the Mail Modules software have been implemented (download the latest Mail Modules update from the Client Portal). In order to install these updates, you must be on ACS version or later. You will still use the Max It! software and follow the PRESORT Agent Wizard as before, but instead of printing your postal reports, you will submit them electronically through PostalOne!. There will also be a new window within the PRESORT Agent Wizard and a few new options to select in the process. Visit the Updating ACS Software to Meet Full-Service Intelligent Mail Requirements page to view the changes to the software.

Meeting the Full-Service Intelligent Mail Requirements Checklist

Using Full-Service Intelligent Mail requires planning and preparation ahead of time. All clients who want to receive the automation discounts should follow the checklist below:

  1. Most Max It! users have a free Business Customer Gateway Account, but if not, you need to create one. This is also when you sign up for PostalOne!. You will need a USPS issued Permit Number in order to sign up, which you probably already have. If you do not have a Permit Number or are unsure what this number is, contact your local Post Office. Note: After you register for an account, it will take at least 24 hours for the account to be established. With this in mind, you need to set up your account in advance.
    1. Obtain a free Customer Registration ID. This is automatically assigned through the Business Customer Gateway when you register for an account. Note: When you are registering for an account through the Business Customer Gateway, you will be asked to enter a Customer Registration ID; however, you can skip this field because you will be assigned an ID after you register. The USPS uses Customer Registration IDs to identify company locations.
    2. Obtain a free Mailer ID from the USPS. This is also automatically assigned through the Business Customer Gateway when you register for an account. The USPS uses Mailer IDs to identify companies.
  2. You also need an IDEAlliance code (you will enter this under the License Code field when processing your Max It! mailing). ACS Technologies will provide you with this code via e-mail prior to January 26th, 2014. You can also contact Support at 1-800-669-2509 or via email to get this information.
  3. Contact the Post Office where you plan to submit your mailing to find out their Facility Identifier ID (you will enter this under the Identifier field when processing your Max It! mailing). Each Post Office has a unique ID, and some have more than one. Make sure to get the Facility Identifier ID of the specific location within the postal facility where you will submit your mailing.
  4. You will also need to obtain a Nonprofit Authorization number. You can contact your local Post Office to get this information, and you can also find this in the Business and Fees section of the Business Customer Gateway. (You may need to mention that this is for your bulk mailing.)
  5. Ensure that you have the 9-digit Zip Code for the Post Office where you will submit your mailing.
  6. You must be on ACS version or later, and you must load the latest Mail Modules update. Get these updates from the Client Portal. Note: You will need to load the Mail Modules update before completing the following steps.
  7. Follow the PRESORT Agent Wizard as before when creating your Max It! mailing, however, you will also include the new information requested and save the Mail.dat files to submit to PostalOne!.
  8. Get certified by going through TEM Testing (Test Environment for Mailers). This is free and takes up to 48 hours.

  9. Submit the Mail.dat files electronically to PostalOne!.


    Since you will upload your files to PostalOne! for each Max It! Mailing, you may want to create a desktop icon for it. You can do this by right-clicking the batch file and selecting Send to Desktop. View instructions for downloading the batch file you need.

  10. Take your Job ID from PostalOne! to your local Post Office along with your mailing. Note: You can print out your Postage Statement from PostalOne! which includes this Job ID.

To find out more about the new USPS regulations regarding Full-Service Intelligent Mail, visit the USPS National Customer Support Center.