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You can enter up to three local tax tables for each employee. When entering W-2 totals for employees with more than one local tax table associated with their record, you must distribute the proper amount of the local tax to the correct tax authority.

When there are multiple localities on the W-2, ACS prints the sum for those localities in the appropriate fields on Form W-3.

To enter three local tax tables for an employee, enter wage and tax information for the first two tables in boxes 18 and 19 in the Input W-2 Information window. Enter information for the third local tax table under Local Tax 3 under Transaction information on the same window.

For Example

Your employee, James Armbruster, has two local tax tables associated with his employee record. Taxes for Florence County, SC, and Darlington County, SC, apply to this individual.

Let’s assume that the total local income tax for this employee is $127.50, but the employee paid $102.45 to Florence County (Local Tax 1) and $25.05 to Darlington County (Local Tax 2).

  1. When entering the tax totals in box 19, enter $102.45 for Local Tax 1 and $25.05 for Local Tax 2.
  2. Click Apply.