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You can view the details of a batch of checks. When you view a batch’s details, you can click Delete to remove it, unless it has been deposited.

Be Careful

Deleting a batch requires you to recapture the checks and review and approve them again.

The Batch Details display:

  • Who scanned the batch.
  • When they scanned it.
  • The batch ID number.
  • Miscellaneous information about the batch.

To view batch details or delete a batch

  1. In the Enter/Post Transactions window, click Import Transactions, then Speed Check.
  2. In the Select Action window, click Balance/Deposit Checks.
  3. In the Select Batch or Batch Date drop-down list, select the batch that you want to view.
  4. Once you’ve selected the batch, click System and select Batch Details.
  5. The batch details display. If you want to delete the batch, click Delete. Otherwise, click any of the other tabs in the Speed Check window or click Close to exit.

After you close this window, the Import window will display.