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The Scheduled Gifts area displays a list of recurring gifts. Each gift's contributor, frequency, number of payments made, first payment date, most recent payment date, next payment date, type, fund, and amount display.

If a recurring gift has ended, its details also display on this tab, along with the date of the final (last) payment.

To view a profile, click on the contributor's name. Here, you can edit, cancel, or place gifts on hold if a contributor calls your church and asks to. You can also view the scheduled gift's audit, which lists the scheduled gift's changes by date. 

To view an individual's scheduled gifts

  1. Open ACS People Suite
  2. Under Manage Records, click the People tab.
  3. In the drop-down list, select View/Edit Individual and click Go.
  4. In the Find Person window, select the individual whose gift you want to place on hold and click View/Edit.
  5. In the View/Edit Individual window, click on the Profile tab.
  6. Click Manage Abundant.
  7. When the contributor's record opens in Abundant, click on the Scheduled Gifts tab.
  8. Locate the gift you want to view, then click .
  9. In the list, select Edit, Cancel, View Audits, or Place on hold.

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