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The Add/Edit Payments window lets you view any payment, open or closed. You can also add individual payments or mass payments, edit payments, view payment details, print receipts, delete unposted payments, and void posted payments.

You can use the Filter By option to filter payments shown on the grid. Using this option, you can view all payments for a particular customer or posting period, applied payments, partially applied payments, posted payments, unposted payments, unapplied payments, voided payments, or payments that have been refunded or returned.

In addition, you can select All Users or All Periods under Posting Period to filter the displayed payments even more. For example, if you want to view all applied payments for all periods, select Applied Payments from the drop-down list. Then, under Posting Period, select All Periods.

When you select a payment, information about that payment, such as the invoice number (if the payment was applied to an invoice), description, posting period, and payment status, displays below the grid for quick reference. You can click View to view all of the payment's details.


All of the options available on the buttons in the Add/Edit Payments window are also available by right-clicking on the selected payment in the grid. To customize the fields that display on the grid, right-click and select Customize.

Additional Field Information

Filter By
Filter payments by criteria such as payer, transaction status, transaction type, date, and amount. To learn more about filtering payments, see Filtering Payments.

Add a payment.

Edit the payment selected in the grid.

View the details of the payment selected in the grid.

Print a receipt for the payment selected in the grid.

Delete the payment selected on the grid. You can only delete unposted payments.

Void the payment selected on the grid. You can only void posted payments.

Mass Payment Codes
Generate a payment using mass payment codes. To learn more about mass payment codes, see Using Mass Payment Codes.

Import Payments
Import payments from a 3rd party vendor. To learn more, see Importing Payments.

Posting Period

  • All Users — To display payments entered by all users in your organization in the grid, select this option.
  • All Periods — To display payments entered for all posting periods in the grid, select this option.