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Many ACS windows use a customizable and flexible grid format to display information. Each ACS grid functions independently of the other, so customizing a grid in one ACS module has no effect on a grid in another.

You can configure ACS grids to display information in a certain order. You can also customize a grid to display specific fields or use certain settings, and to make reading grids easier, you can use alternate row colors.

 To configure ACS grids
  1. Navigate to the grid you want to configure.
  2. Use the following options to configure the ACS grids. Not all options are available in all grids.
    • Locating — To locate records in the grid, click in a column and type a keyword. ACS follows your keystrokes to match the search criteria and locate the records. The last column searched in each grid is saved so that the next time the grid is accessed, you can type a keyword without clicking in the same column. To search in a different column in the grid, click in that column before you type.
    • Sorting — To sort records within the grid, click the column header. To sort multiple columns at the same time, click the first column header, then press the SHIFT key, and click the next column header. Gray arrows ( or ) display on the column header of all sorted columns. You could use this to sort a list of names into alphabetical order.
    • Resizing — To change the width of any column in the grid, click the column separator between the column you want to resize and the column next to it. Holding down the left mouse button, drag the column separator to the right or left.
    • Moving — To move a column in the grid, click the column header. Holding down the left mouse button, drag the column header to the new location in the grid.
    • Selecting — To select multiple records in the grid (not in a range), press and the hold the CTRL key. Then, click each record you want to select. To select a range of records in the grid, click the first record in the range. Press and hold the SHIFT key and click the last record in the range.
  3. When finished, click OK.
 To customize ACS grids
  1. Right-click inside the grid, then click Customize.
  2. In the Customize window, under Settings, select or clear the following options. Not all options are available in every grid.
    • Wrap Text — Expands the row vertically to allow all text to display.
    • Auto Size Column Width — Adjusts column width to allow additional columns to display within the current grid size.
    • Show Grid Lines — Applies line borders to all records.
    • Use Column Filtering — Applies a filter to the data that displays in the grid. If selected, a down arrow displays in each column header. Click the down arrow to filter on a single value in the column, or click the Custom option to filter on multiple criteria.
    • Use Group By — Allows you to group the data in the grid by any column. When selected, a gray "group by" box displays above the grid. To group similar items together in a tree list view, click the column header and drag it into the group by box. To remove the grouping, click and drag the column header back into the grid.
  3. Under Fields, select the fields you want to display in the grid. You can use the up and down arrows to change the order in which fields display.
  4. When finished, click OK.
 To use alternate row colors
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click My Preferences.
  2. Under Grids, select Use Alternate Row Color.
  3. To select a predefined color, click the Down Arrow.
  4. To define a custom color, click Lookup .
  5. When finished, click OK.