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In Enter/Post Invoices, you can add and edit invoices to generate invoices for your vendors. You can use the Invoice filter to display only the invoices you want to work with in the Add/Edit Invoices window. You can also manage invoices by partially paying them, voiding them, or suspending them, if necessary, and you can create an invoice from a purchase order, if you own the Purchase Orders module.

To help you manage invoices you pay on a regular basis, you can add and create memorized invoices, which are basically templates you enter and save with an invoice's details. This keeps you from entering recurring invoices multiple times and saves you valuable time.

After entering invoices, you can print and review the Invoice Proof List to verify your entries. The proof list displays the invoice information, and we suggest printing and saving it in your records. Then, you can post your invoices. Invoices do not affect account balances until you post and pay them, and once you post them, you can issue checks to your vendors.

Finally, at the end of the month, you can close the month to change your default posting month.