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Memorized invoices are basically templates that you can save with an invoice's details. You may want to add memorized invoices so that you don't have to add recurring invoices multiple times. When the invoice is due, you can create an invoice from the memorized invoice, and make minor changes to that individual invoice, such as the invoice number and amount, before paying it. 

You can also edit the memorized invoice template to change the number of payments, continuous payments, amount, or other information. Any changes you make to the memorized invoice template display each time you create that invoice. If you no longer use a memorized invoice, you can delete it.

In Accounts Payable, you can have regular memorized invoices or scheduled memorized invoices. You can schedule memorized invoices for invoices that are due at a specific frequency and for a specific amount, such as monthly maintenance contracts. You can edit the individual invoice's details, such as the invoice number, when you generate scheduled invoices.