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Vendors are companies or individuals with whom you do business. Some vendors may provide a service for you, such as lawn care or payroll processing. Other vendors may provide supplies for you such as office equipment or robes for the choir. Your utility companies are vendors as well. Make it a habit to enter anyone in the Vendor file that you pay for services rendered.

Prior to entering vendors, you need to set up your vendor types in Define Lists. Once you do this, you can add, edit, delete, or deactivate vendors in the Add/Edit Vendors window. You can also print a vendor listing and look up vendors in Vendor Inquiry.

If you use ACS People, Organizations, or HeadMaster, you can import vendor records from those programs. Importing records saves you time by not having to enter information twice, and periodically refreshing records ensures that you have the most up-to-date vendor information.

At year-end, you can prepare and print Forms 1099 and 1096 for your vendors within ACS Financial Suite.