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The Organization Changes Log is an Organization report that lists the details of changes made to organization records. You can filter, print, or sort this grid report, which is helpful if you have questions about who made what changes to a specific record.

The report displays the name of the organization whose record was changed, the date and time the change was made, the user name of the individual who made the change, and the type of change that was made. Only changes to the organization name, address, email address, or phone number are tracked.

For merged records, the report lists the duplicate record as Organization Merged, and the preferred record as Organization Updated.

You can clear the entire Organizations Changes Log or clear changes for a specific date range. 

 To activate the Organization Changes Log
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Staff/Organizations and click Go .
  3. On the Organization Changes Log tab, select Activate Organization Changes Log.
  4. Click OK.
 To print the Organization Changes Log
  1. Under Searches and Reports, click the Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Staff/Organizations Reports and click Go .
  3. In the upper sidebar, expand Lists.
  4. Select Organization Changes Log and click Customize.
  5. On the Report Options tab, select the options you want to include in the report.
    • Name Options — Select to print the organization name or the reference name.
    • Include Deactivated Organizations — Select to print organizations that are deactivated.
    • Print PIN — Select to print the PIN for all selected organizations.
    • Custom Sort (Alpha) — Select to sort in alphabetical order.
    • Use Date Range — Select to display entries within a date range. In the drop-down lists, select the from and to dates.
    • Use Last Search Results — Select to print based upon you last search results.
  6. To view the report, click Preview.
  7. Click Print Report .