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After you select a method of promotion (Continue Current Master Group or Create New Master Group), the Promotion window displays.

The current group information displays on the left and next year's information displays on the right. The upper pane displays the group information, and the lower pane displays the individual information. You can customize the lower pane to display fields such as group name, status, and class position.

If you select Continue Current Master Group, you won't move any individuals who are remaining in the same class. If you do, a dropped record and a new record are created for those individuals inside the same class.

If you select Create New Master Group, you must move all individuals from the old master group to the new group, even individuals who are remaining in the same class. For example, if you have a class called College and Career, and all of those individuals will remain in that class next year, you will still move them from the College and Career class in the current group to the College and Career Class in next year's group.

 To move individuals from their current class to next year's class
  1. In the Promotion window, in the left group (upper) pane, select the class you want to promote an individual from. To show all levels or deactivated groups, click All Levels and/or Show Deactivated.
  2. In the right group (upper) pane, select the class you want to promote an individual to.

  3. In the left roster (lower) pane, select the individual to promote and click Add. Or, click Add All to select all individuals.


    You can select several individuals by holding down the Ctrl key, selecting the individuals you want to move at one time, then clicking Add. This way, you can move all individuals who are being promoted to the same class who have the same Status and Position.

    For example, if you are continuing the current master group and want to move all enrolled members (status of enrolled, position of member) from the 2nd grade class to the 3rd grade class, you can select just those individuals and move them at one time.

  4. In the Roster Entry window, select the Status and Position for the individual(s), then click OK.

You can close and reopen the Promotion window, and the information saves each  time. For example, if you move individuals from Nursery through 6th grade to their new classes and need to stop and go to a meeting, all of the individuals you've moved are saved.

Nothing in the Promotion window is permanent until you click the Promote option on the Promotion menu. You can review and make any corrections necessary before completing promotion. When you click Promote, you will not be able to move forward unless you have an ACS Backup that was made within the last two days.

You can also have more than one master group's promotion in progress in the Promotion Menu at the same time. For example, you can work on the Sunday School promotion while another church administrator works on the Awana Club promotion.