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Use the Standard People Export to extract ACS People data in file formats that are compatible with various other software packages.

 To extract data using the Standard People Export
  1. Under Searches and Reports, click the Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select People Reports and click Go .
  3. In the upper sidebar, under People Reports, expand Extracts.
  4. Select the Standard People Export and click Customize.
  5. Click on the Report Options tab.
  6. On the Format tab, select the appropriate format options for the People Export.
  7. On the Settings tab, select the appropriate export settings for the People Export.
  8. Return to the Format tab and click Print Legend to print the People Export Legend.


    The People Export Legend is a report that identifies all exported fields. You must print the legend to know what information is included in which special field and to know the format and order of all fields. This information must be included in a header (created in the word processor). Use this guide to create the header file. The legend also gives details on field lengths.

    Be sure to include every field on the list in the header file, including all 10 special fields. Select all desired export options before printing the legend.

  9. Click Extract.
  10. When the confirmation message displays, click OK, then Close.

Exporting to Microsoft Excel

If you export to Microsoft® Excel, you may need to format the date columns to display a date instead of a string of numbers,

 To format the date for columns in Microsoft Excel
  1. In the Excel document, click the letter at the top of the column that is populated with dates.  This should select and highlight the column.

  2. Right-click on the highlighted part, and select Format Cells.

  3. On the Number tab, select Date in the Category section.

  4. In the Type section, select the desired format you would like.  For example: 3/14/12 or 3/14/2012.

  5. Click OK.

Additional Field Information


  • File Name — Click Browse to select a file name and location for the People Export. The File Name and path defaults to your My Documents folder location in Windows®.
  • File Format — The File Format section contains a drop-down list from which you can select the format you prefer for the People Export.
  • Label Options — The Label Options section contains information about the label setting selected on the Settings tab. Click Make Changes to access the Settings tab. You can change any of the label settings on the Settings tab.
  • Print Legend — Click to print a listing of what you have chosen to export. You should print the legend in order to know the format of the export file being created.


Record Selection
The Record Selection controls how many labels are printed for each eligible name. Remember that the actual criteria for who will receive labels is determined by your search results.

  • One Per Family — Prints one label per family listed in your search results. The label prints with the Head and Spouse names.
  • One Per Person — Prints one label for each person listed in your search results.
  • Children Only — Prints labels only for children who are listed in your search results. The number of children in the family/search results affects how the labels print. With one child in the family/search results, the label prints the full name. Example: Sally Smith. With two children in the family/search results, the label print both names. Example: Sally & Harry Smith. With three or more children, the label prints "The Smith Children", "The Carter Children" and so forth.
  • One Per Contributor — Prints one label per contributor listed in your search results.
  • Newsletter — Prints only labels for those individuals/families flagged to receive a newsletter. When this option is selected, the Search Results become unavailable because newsletter labels are controlled by the Family/Individual/None newsletter settings in the individual records.

Label Name
Select the type of label name (Formal or Informal) you want to use for the export from this section.

Select the type of salutation (Formal or Informal) you want to use for the export from this section.

Label Options

  • Include Children — Select to print the words "& Family" on the label. If you are printing labels from search results, "& Family" prints only if children are in the search results. If you are printing from Newsletter labels, "& Family" prints for all households with children except those where the children's newsletter flag is set to None. Include Children is unavailable unless Record Selection is set to One Per Family or Newsletter. Selecting Include Children also prints children only labels. For example, if your search included a child but did not include a Head or Spouse for that child, a label would not print for that child unless Include Children is selected.
  • Expand Children — Select to include the selected children's names on the label. If there are more names than will fit on one line, the label reads "The Carter Children." Expand Children is only available when Include Children is selected.
  • Print Uppercase — Select to print the labels in all uppercase letters.
  • Include Frame Chars — Select to include the Start and Stop bars of postal bar codes. Selecting this option will help ensure that your bar codes print correctly.

Address Options
Addresses are defined in the Add/Edit Individual option. You can choose which address to print on labels from the Address list.

  • Active — Select to use each person's Active Address as defined in Add/Edit Individual. To select a different Active Address, go to View/Edit Individual and click the Address tab.
  • Mail To — Select to use each person's Mail To Address as defined in Add/Edit Individual.
  • Statement — Select to use each person's Statement Address as defined in Add/Edit Individual.

Additional Options
You can use the Member Status, Special Mailings Groups, and Special Fields options to limit the labels printed to selected member statuses and/or special mailings groups.

  • Member Status — Select to print newsletter labels only for members with selected member statuses. To choose the member statuses, click Select.
  • Special Mailings Groups — Select to print newsletter labels for members of selected special mailings groups. To choose the special mailing groups, click Select.
  • Special Fields — Select to export selected special fields. To choose the special fields, click Select.

Sort Order
Select the order to sort the exported records in from this section.

  • Alphabetical — Sorts your labels alphabetically.
  • ZIP Code — Sorts your labels by ZIP Code.
  • Custom — Sorts your labels by a user-defined sort. Click Select to custom sort the report.
  • Basic Bulk Mail — Sorts your labels for Basic Bulk Mail. Click Setup to configure your mailing's settings.
  • Max It! — Sorts your labels for Max It.

Search Results
This section displays the most recent search statistics to help you be sure you have the group you want for your labels. All Labels are printed from Search Results except Newsletter labels, which are determined based on the Newsletter Flag in the individual/family records, and the Member Statuses or Special Mailings Groups you choose from the Additional Options. When you choose Newsletter, the search statistics are unavailable.