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In many ACS reports, you can hide phone number area codes in the report results. For example, say you need to print a Master Listing of People to keep on file for reference. Since most of your organization's members have the same area code, you decide to hide the area code in the report results. All phone numbers with that area code display without the area code. Other phone numbers with area codes still display their area codes.

 To hide area codes in a report
  1. In the reports window, select the report.
  2. If the report is a Contributions or Financial Suite report, select the report's date range in the lower sidebar.
  3. Click Customize.
  4. Under Formatting, select Suppress Area Code and click Select. The Suppress Area Code window displays.
  5. Enter the area code you want to hide.
  6. Click Add . The area code displays in the Suppressed Area Codes column. You can enter up to five area codes, depending on the report.
  7. When you are finished entering area codes, click Close.
  8. To view the report, click Preview.