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Ready to install ACS SpeedCheck? View the loading instructions below.

ACS SpeedCheck Loading Instructions

You must load this install on each computer that you will connect to a SpeedCheck scanner. If you've already connected the scanner, disconnect the USB cable before downloading the .exe file.

The install adds an icon to your desktop, which lets you scan a batch of checks without opening ACS Contributions. If you use ACS OnDemand, you must use this icon to scan checks. Otherwise, you can use the icon on the desktop or scan checks in ACS Contributions.

Notes on Installing SpeedCheck

Before installing ACS SpeedCheck, you must have Microsoft .net framework, version 3.5 or higher. To learn more or install this framework, visit the Microsoft .Net Website.

You must also have full administrative rights to ACS Desktop. To learn more about security rights, see Setting People Suite Security Rights.

 To download and install ACS SpeedCheck
  1. Before installing ACS SpeedCheck, exit ACS.
  2. Using your Site Number and PIN, log into the ACS Client Portal Downloads Page.
  3. Under Downloads, click ACS SpeedCheck Epson Install or ACS SpeedCheck SmartSource Install, depending on the scanner you purchased.
  4. Under Download Details, click Download, then save the file to your desktop.
  5. If using Windows 7 or Vista, right-click on the .exe, select Run as Administrator, and follow the on-screen download instructions. If using another version of Windows, double-click the .exe file for ACS SpeedCheck, then follow the on-screen download instructions
  6. When finished, plug the USB cable from the scanner into the computer, then turn the scanner on. The computer should search and find the new scanner.

After Installing SpeedCheck

After installing ACS SpeedCheck, you may want to read Getting Started with ACS SpeedCheck to learn more about making SpeedCheck work effectively in your organization.

To view all SpeedCheck help, see ACS SpeedCheck.