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Some ministries hand out pager devices at check-in. Later, families return the devices as they check out. If returning pager devices is part of your check-in system, follow the steps below to clear pager numbers from families while they check out. This makes the pager return process quick and easy, part of your normal check in and out system.

To speed up the return process, you can scan or enter multiple pager numbers at a time, and then clear them all together.

 To clear pager numbers from families as they check out
  1. In the assisted check-in start window, click View Statistics.
  2. Click the Pager Return tab.
  3. Scan or enter the pager number.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Continue scanning and entering pager numbers until all of the pager devices are returned.
  6. Click Clear Pager Numbers. The pager numbers are no longer assigned to the families.