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In many ACS reports, you can sort the order in which individuals or organizations display in the report. When you custom sort a report, you specify the ACS field on which to sort, such as age, city, date joined, marital status, or record type. You can select up to four fields to sort by, depending upon the report.

For example, suppose your organization is planning social events for single and married members of different age groups. You need to print a listing of all members, sorted by marital status and date of birth.  When customizing the report, you’d select Custom Sort and sort by the Marital Status and Date of Birth fields. When you preview the report, your members are grouped by marital status and date of birth.


Custom sorting is not available for all reports. If this is the case, the option is grayed-out.

 To sort a report
  1. In the reports window, select the report.
  2. If you're working with a Contributions or Financial Suite report, select the report's date range in the lower sidebar.
  3. Click Customize.
  4. Under Report Options, select Custom Sort and click Select. The Selection window displays.
  5. In the Fields column, select the field you want to sort by.
  6. To move the field to the Selected Fields column, click Add.
  7. To change the sort order of the fields, select a field and click the Up or Down .
  8. To accept your selections and return to the customize window, click Close.
  9. To view the report, click Preview. When the report displays, it is sorted by the selected fields.