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You can review background checks you have requested to see the results, comments, date submitted, and accounting code for each background check. You can also use the grid under Safeguard Tasks to enter and track which background checks were performed on an individual and the results. However, you will need to manually enter the background check information in the Description, Status, Date Completed, and Comment fields, as this information is not inserted from the completed background check. We recommend reviewing no more than 25 background checks at a time.

To Review Background Checks

  1. Under Manage Records, click the People tab. 
  2. In the drop-down list, select View/Edit Individual and click Go  .
  3. Select the individual whose background check you want to review and click View/Edit
  4. On the Safeguard tab, click Review Background Checks. You will be redirected to SecureSearch, a separate Web application used for the background checks. 
  5. When prompted, enter your SecureSearch Username and Password in the fields and click Log In. If you want to save your user name and password, select Remember Me

    Your SecureSearch credentials are different from your ACS login and password. Everyone who uses Safeguard at your site uses the same user name and password. If you forget your password, contact Support at 1-800-669-2509 for help, and remember to notify other users if you change the password. 

  6. After you log in, click the Review tab. 
  7. Your previous background check requests will be listed on the grid. If the background check has been processed, you can view the results of the check. If the background check has not been processed, a status of Processing will be in the Results column on the grid.



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