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Once you've implemented Checkpoint with your check-in systems and physically set up check-in stations, you're ready to set up the Checkpoint module. 

New to Checkpoint?

If this is your first time using Checkpoint, you may want to read about Checkpoint software permissions and installing Checkpoint first. After you have installed Checkpoint, we recommend reading about creating badge templates, using pagers, and managing global settings. After you have decided how to utilize these features of Checkpoint, you can focus on integrating your classes and activities with Checkpoint by creating templates and sessions.

Checkpoint Veteran?

If this is not your first time setting up Checkpoint, you can use this section to help you update Checkpoint for the ever-changing needs of your organization. As you add new classes and activities, you may need to revisit the topics on creating templates and sessions. As your security procedures evolve, you may need reminders on creating badge templates, setting security IDs, setting up bar codes, and using pagers.