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The Analysis of Revenues and Expenses reports create a budget-to-actual comparison for active revenue and expense accounts. The Detail report displays revenues and expenses in a format similar to your Chart of Accounts, while the Summary report compares accounts by headings.

You can customize either report to display the columns that you want, and you can select up to 13 columns for the landscaped reports and up to six columns for the portrait reports. You can also customize the Detail report to display subtotals for the major headings in your chart of accounts.

In the Lower Sidebar of the Financial Reports window, you can set the report view, which lets you view the report for this month, or the fiscal quarter, fiscal year, last month, last fiscal year, last fiscal quarter, another range of months, or a custom range. For example, this lets you compare actuals from this year and last year, instead of just comparisons between budgets and actuals. 

The report also has all of the same functions as other ACS reports, such as exporting to Excel and e-mailing