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The June 2018 Access ACS update features enhancements in several areas. 

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General Ledger Codes in Event Reports

We've added a GL Code field to the Event Transaction report that tells your accounting team where event registration fees should be posted. You can also include this field in the Event Export.

When viewing registration transactions, GL codes display between the Event Name and Amount Paid fields.

Print Event Registration Payment Details

In the Event Setup Expert, you can print the registrant's payment breakdown, along with dates, methods, amounts, and memos.

For example, your church is sponsoring a missionary to go on a mission trip in Africa. The trip costs $3,500 and members of the church can sponsor him by giving money toward the trip. You can enter the donor's name in the memo field, and it displays on this report so the missionary can see who gave.

New Ways to View Outreach Connections

You can still choose to view connections for a specific date range, but now you can view connections over the last 12 months, the 10 most recent connections, or all connections. 

Filter the Recurring Gifts Report by Fund

This feature is good to use if you're cleaning up your list of funds and want to know if any funds have recurring transactions. 

By default, recurring gifts from all funds display, choose the fund you want from the drop-down and click Filter. When the results display, sort them by the contributor's name or by the start and end dates of the recurring gift. You can export the grid or print the report to display the results.

Renamed Online Giving Options

On the Dashboard, we've updated the Give Now button and the menu option under Giving to Give Online.

When entering recurring gifts, the Schedule Gift button is now Give.

The buttons function just as they did before, but the names are more descriptive and succinct.

Mark Attendance in Church Life

 Now you can mark attendance for small groups and classes.. From the Church Life menu, select the group and date you want to mark attendance for, then select who is present. The group name displays at the top of the window, and the Total Marked Present updates as you mark attendance.

When you finish, click Continue to add guests or share comments with other group leaders or staff, if needed. 

Coming Soon: Until I Cancel Stop Date for Giving

When entering a new gift, contributors will soon have the option to give until they choose to cancel the gift. Also, credit cards associated with recurring gifts will be automatically updated to the new expiration date or card number, with the exception of American Express.

When the credit card has been updated, the contributor will receive an email.

July 2018 Maintenance Update

We released a maintenance update that included the following correction.

  • If Allow Scheduled Giving was not selected in Online Giving Setup > Global Settings, "Restricted Area" displayed when a member tried to give through Giving > Give Online.


 Access ACS Corrections
  • If you added a custom question of Gender in Access ACS, the event registration export overwrote the question with the gender listed in the individual's record (if there is one). This only occurred if you didn't select gender as a field to export.

  • When a member reported a problem in Access ACS, e-mails weren’t delivered because of spaces between e-mail addresses.

  • When adding .png files as background images, an invalid file type error message displayed. 

  • When embedding a link that should display event details, nothing was displaying. Details displayed when pasting the URL into a browser without the script tags.

  • If a registrant made partial payments toward an event, administrators could issue refunds for the registrants without canceling the registrations. Now, administrators can refund payments whether a registration is canceled or not, or if the registration is fully or partially paid.
  • If you set up an event without the option to register additional guests by entering names and the event had sub-events attached, sub-events did not display for the unnamed guests.
  • When setting up an event with custom questions, the paragraph did not seem to have a character limit, but not all characters displayed on the Event Registration Report.
  • If an organization registered for an event with guests with names attached, "First Name is required" displayed when an administrator tried to change custom questions.

  • If you added attendance markings for a class on 12/31/2017, data did not display when viewing attendance statistics. 

  • When searching for events in the calendar's Weblinks and clicking on a date, the program only searched for events on that date. 

  • In Search Opportunities, the grid was sorted by Close Date in ascending order. When multiple opportunities had the same close date, they did not display in alphabetical order by the Opportunity name. 

  • When updating an event's start time in an Access ACS site that was linked to ACS Facility Scheduler, the time was only updated when viewing the recurrence pattern on the event in ACS Facility Scheduler. 

  • When creating an event with required custom questions, registrants could enter a space instead of entering text during registration.
  • If an administrator registered a participant for an event that allowed guests with names and tried to use the event registration Weblink to edit, a message displayed that the confirmation number did not match. Now, when an administrator registers someone, the e-mail address displays, along with a message that it cannot be used in Weblinks.
  • When referring a friend in Serving > Search Opportunities, html code displayed in the e-mail.