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In Access ACS, you can make contributions online and view your contribution summary for the current year.

Online giving donations do not display in Access ACS until they are recorded by your organization. After you enter the donation information, you must enter your online payment information.

Depending on your organization's selections, you can donate using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check. To use online giving, your organization must sign up for it. 

You can access online giving from your profile or the My Contributions page. You cannot make online contributions for other users. You can only view the Online Giving page on your profile.

The Contribution Pledge Summary section displays your contributions summary for the current year. The list provides the name of the funds to which you have contributed, the year-to-date amount that you donated to each fund, the total amount you pledged to each fund, the amounts you contributed to the funds in previous years, and the pledge balance for each fund. Multi-year pledges are indicated by an asterisk in the Total Pledge column. If your contributions information is not available, this section does not display.

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