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When you add a user in Access ACS, you may want to link them to a user in ACS Facility Scheduler so they can add Event Registration events.

To link an Access ACS user to ACS Facility Scheduler

  1. Follow the steps to add the user to Access ACS.
  2. If applicable, edit the user's assigned profile permissions. Under Event Registration, be sure the user has Grant rights to Event Setup.
  3. Log into ACS Facility Scheduler as an administrator.
  4. On the Administration tab, click Users.
  5. Select Logins.
  6. Double-click on the login you want to link, then select Associate Login.
  7. Enter the individual's name, then click Search
  8. If you see the individual you want to link, select the record and click OK.
  9. If you don't see the individual you want to link, click Add New Individual to add them.
  10. Enter the individual's First and Last Name, then click Save & Close.

After linking the users, the username displays when Users is selected on the Users tab in ACS Facility Scheduler.


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