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If your organization set up recurring gifts, the My Scheduled Giving tab displays. On this tab, you can view the date and amount of your next schedule contributions, update your credit and debit card information, and edit or deactivate recurring gifts without having to go through all of your contributions.

Your inactive giving schedules also display on this page, along with important information regarding them. To reactivate a giving schedule, click  under Actions.

 To add a scheduled gift
  1. Click Giving > My Scheduled Giving.
  2. Click Add New Gift.
  3. Under New Gift Details, enter the amount to give, select a fund, and enter an option memo, if applicable. The information you enter in the Optional Memo field displays on the e-mail receipt.
  4. Select a giving Frequency and the date you want your scheduled gift to begin.
  5. Under Payment Details, enter your payment information. You can give via credit or debit card, checking account, or savings account.
  6. Click Schedule Gift.
 To update your credit or debit card information
  1. Click Update Account.
  2. Make the appropriate changes to the card information.
  3. Click Submit Payment.
 To edit a scheduled gift
  1. Find the contribution you want to edit.
  2. Under Actions, click .
  3. Edit the fund, amount, optional memo, schedule frequency, and payment limit.
  4. Click to accept the changes. Click to cancel the change.
  5. If you cancel the contribution, a warning message displays telling you that this will cancel all future payments towards this contribution. Click OK.

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