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As of June 1, 2017, ACS Technologies will disable the outdated Internet security protocol TLS 1.0 across our services, including REST and SOAP APIs. This security measure protects your organization and contributors' online data.
To ensure your custom solutions work as intended, be sure your custom solution and its hosting server’s operating system function with TLS 1.2.

To learn more, see the TLS Version Upgrade Notice.

The following REST APIs are the most recent API offering for ACS Facility Scheduler from ACS Technologies.

These REST APIs return a JSON (JavaScript Open Notation) result, and the data returned is based on the user’s credentials used within the calls. API calls only return data the user has rights to view.

No additional cost is associated with these APIs, but you must have ACS Facility Scheduler to use them.

Available ACS Facility Scheduler REST APIs:

For questions about API development, email us at