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Frequently Asked Questions

New to APIs?

To learn more about REST APIs, see RESTful Web Services: The Basics and Representational State Transfer.

Our church is designing an app and would like it to have a similar look and feel to ACS. Do you offer consulting for developers?

Our APIs provide you with a way to get raw data so you can manipulate it to meet your needs.

We do not provide direct assistance with APIs. If you need additional information, contact our Support Center.

Do you have a WordPress plugin?

We do not specifically provide APIs for WordPress.  However, we do provide web links for Online Giving information from within Access ACS and a choice of either iCal or RSS Feeds from ACS Facility Scheduler. You can add these web links to your website.

Our implementation specialists have created a website,, to showcase our products and help churches embed them into web pages. You can find information on embedding the Access ACS Calendar or Facility Scheduler RSS Feed into your website as well as code samples.

How do I get started with the Access ACS SOAP API?

First, complete the agreement on the Developers page. Once you complete this, ACS Technologies will assign you with a SecID that you can use in your code to run the API.  

When you get set up, our Getting Started page contains information on getting started with the AccessACS SOAP API.

Do I have to use APIs to accomplish specific tasks?

 If you don’t need a constant pull of data from Access ACS or Facility Scheduler, you may want to export a report instead.  

If you want to allow members and guests to register for events from your web site, you can use the links in Access ACS Event Registration.  In ACS Facility Scheduler, iCal and RSS feeds let you publish calendars to your website.


How do I integrate Access ACS with Ministry Scheduler Pro?

First, complete the agreement on the Developers page. Once you complete this, ACS Technologies will assign you with a security ID (SecID) that you can use in your code to run the API.

 If you have any questions after integration, the support team at Ministry Scheduler Pro can assist you.

I have questions about ACS Technologies' other product lines. Who can help me?

Contact ACS Technologies Support for assistance. ACS Support is available Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET. You can also contact Support by phone at 1-800-669-2509.

What user rights are required to access specific REST APIs?

To access specific APIs, the user must meet the required permissions stated for the API to run. Each API page lists these permissions.

Where can I learn more about ACS Facility Scheduler APIs?

The API help topic has information about the APIs available for ACS Facility Scheduler and how to use them

Which API is best for pulling member details from Access ACS?

We have two APIs that provide member details.

The Rest API  offers the Individual Search call that offers a list of all members. To display information about each member, call the Individual Details API with the Individual ID.

The getPeopleList call in the SOAP API also provides member information.

 I want to publish the ACS public calendar on our website. Which APIs should we use?

If you use the ACS Facility Scheduler calendar, you can use iCal, RSS feed or Facility Scheduler APIs.

Both iCal and RSS feeds can be found within Facility Scheduler. If you want to create your own view of the calendar, the Facility Scheduler APIs are the best choice.

If you use the Access ACS internal calendar and want to use REST APIs, see Access ACS Access ACS Calendar APIs.  You can also use SOAP APIs.


What are RSS Links for ACS Facility Scheduler?

Copying RSS links lets you export events to an RSS reader. You can subscribe to this feed or copy and paste it onto your church's website.  Learn more about RSS links.

What can I do with iCal files?

When you copy iCal links, you can automatically export events to Outlook or Google Calendar with an iCal file. You can subscribe to the feed or copy and paste the link to the church's website