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You can change the way articles display both on your main pages and on the content pages that contain the full article.

 To change content area display attributes
  1. Point to Site, then click Channel Manager.
  2. Select the channel that you want to customize.
  3. Under Actions, click Layout Channel.
  4. At the top of the content area, click Display Options . The Custom Display page displays.
  5. On the Attributes tab, select the options that you want to display on the channel page (your main page that contains a link to the article) and on the content page (displayed when you click on the link).
  6. Click Save.

Creating an alternate heading, title, or mini-abstract

You'll notice that these fields have a Customize link. Click the link to enter text that will replace the heading, title, or mini-abstract associated with the article in the Article Manager. These changes will only be displayed on your main page, not the content page.

Display options are not global.

You can select display options for both channel pages and content pages, but the settings only apply to that content area. You can publish the same content item in other content areas on your Web site and select different display options.