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The article is the basic unit of Extend web pages. You can have a page without images, sound files, forms, or even links. But articles convey the most important information. Below is a simple web page. The highlighted areas are articles.


Once you create an article in Extend, you can enhance it with other content such as images, hyperlinks, and forms.

 To create an article
  1. Log in to your Extend site.
  2. From the Dashboard, point to Site and click Article Manager.
  3. Under Actions, click Create New Article.
  4. Add a Title.
  5. Enter the Body of your article. Use the descriptions following this procedure for reference if necessary.
  6. If you want to use additional features and add things like tables, flash videos, etc, open the full editor. See The Article Editor for an explanation of the editor and its buttons.

    Click to open the full-sized editor.

    Click again to save your work and close
    the full-sized editor.

  7. Click the last button on the top button row to minimize the editor.
  8. If you are an administrator, click Save & Approve; otherwise, click Save.
  9. If the Approve tab displays, approve the article for the roles that you are assigned. For more information, see Saving and Approving Articles.
  10. If your sole responsibility is to write the article, you're done. If you also manage the layout of pages and publish the content on the website, you might still need to post the article.
Additional Field Information

Enter the name of the article. This is the only required field on the Attributes tab. You can choose elsewhere whether or not to display titles on your web pages.

Optional. The general category of your article. Heading is a display option that can be shown near the top of articles on your web page. If, for example, you regularly create articles that contain sermons, you could enter "Sermon" in the heading field. "Announcement" might be another typical heading. You can choose elsewhere whether or not to display headings on your web pages. Headings can help your readers quickly identify the purpose of articles and more quickly find the content they're interested in.

Show/Hide Additional Attributes
Hide or display all the fields on this tab. For descriptions of these additional fields, see Attributes in Depth.

Additional Tab Information

Assign teaser images to the article. For more information, see The Images Tab.

Create a list of hyperlinks that you can display with the article. For more information, see The Links Tab.

Create an interactive form your visitors can submit to your organization. You can select a standard form template or create a custom form. For more information, see About the Add Forms Page.

Select the advanced settings for the article. For more information, see Selecting Advanced Settings for Articles.

Click to preview the article. The preview displays the Attribute tab information, teaser images, hyperlinks, forms, and advanced settings. For more information, see Previewing Articles.

Approve the article for the user roles that you are assigned. For more information, see Saving and Approving Articles.