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Whether you’re buying a new domain or transferring your existing domain, the information below can help you. If you still have problems when going live, feel free to contact our support department during their business hours.

Consider these things first:

  1. Who owns your Domain? Do you still know it?
    You can view who owns your domain using the sites below. This information is vital since the domain owner will be required to authorize the transfer of the domain. Not knowing this information could cause delays in transferring the domain, as many as 60 to 90 days.
  2. Is the domain locked?
    Again, the registrant will need to unlock the domain. If not they will need to have the ability to unlock the domain. Unlocking the domain is required for the transfer to take place between your current host and ACS.
  3. What is your code?
    Each domain has an authorization code. Only the registrant has access to this information. We’ll need that code to make the transfer. 

Additional tips:

  • You can start the domain process at any time during development; we encourage everyone to start early to avoid uncontrollable delays and setbacks.
  • Please remember after all of the information is gathered and the official go live request has been made, the process of going live may take up to 48 hours. This time frame also includes the propagation period required for the World Wide Web.
  • A good practice is to also request a backup of your current site before going live.
  • Email hosting is no longer included with packages. Speak with your representative for recommendations for other email hosting solutions.