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Advanced settings determine the behavior of publications. On the Settings tab, you can set the Expiration Date for a publication. For example, you publish an article with an April 1 expiration date. The publication displays on your Web site through April 1. On April 2, Extend removes the publication from your site.

Setting Dates for Publications

To prevent outdated content from displaying on your Web site, you can set expiration dates for time-sensitive articles. When the expiration date passes, Extend removes the expired article from your Web site and search results. The expiration date is the last day that the article displays on your Web site.

For example, you create a publication that includes an article for each week of Advent. You set an expiration date for the publication for the day following Advent.



When Extend removes expired articles from your Web site, the empty content areas are not displayed on your Web site.

To set an expiration date for a publication

  1. Point to Site, then click Layout Manager.
  2. Select the publication.
  3. Point to Edit , then click Edit Publication.
  4. In the Expiration Date field, enter the last day that you want the publication to be available. For example, if you want the publication to be available on February 5 but not February 6, set the expiration date for February 5.
  5. If you are a site administrator or network administrator, click Save & Approve. Otherwise, click Save.
  6. If the Approve tab displays, approve the publication for the roles that you are assigned. For more information, see Saving and Approving Articles.