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The Settings Tab

The Site Profile page displays information about your organization Web site.

To change the administrative contact

  1. Point to Account, then click Site Profile.
  2. Under Contact Information, enter the information for the new contact.
  3. Click Save.

On the Settings tab, you can view your Web site information and the information for the primary contact at your organization.

Web Site Name

Displays your Web site name. The Web site name displays in browser title bars.

Web Site Domain

Displays your Web site address.

Web Site Slashpath

Displays the slashpath to your Web site.

Site Number

Displays your organization site number. The site number is your ACS Technologies account identification number.

Search Engine Description

Enter a description of the Web Site. This information displays on the search engine results.

Search Engine Keywords

Enter keywords associated with the Web site. These keywords are used to identify the Web site when a search is run.

Site Display Options

Select from the following display options to customize your site design. For more information, see Site-Level Customization.

  • Show Register link
  • Show Sign In Link
  • Show Breadcrumbs
  • Search the Network

Contact Information

Displays your contact person. You can update this information.