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The Edit Article window contains a number of options on the button bar. 

Button Descriptions





View or edit the article using HTML code. Also accepts scripting languages like Java Script.


Preview the article body in a new browser window.


Print the article body.

CutDelete selected content.
CopyCopy selected content.
PastePaste content you have copied.

Paste as Plain Text

Paste text from the clipboard without formatting.

Paste from Word

Paste text copied from Microsoft® Word.


Cancel your last change.


Restore formatting you removed using the Undo button.


Search for text in the body.


Search for and automatically replace text in the body.

Select All

Select all text and elements in the article body.

Insert/Remove Numbered List

Add or remove a numbered list.

Insert/Remove Bulleted List

Add or remove a bulleted list.

Decrease Indent

Decrease the indentation space of the selected paragraph.

Increase Indent

Increase the indentation space of the selected paragraph.

 Block QuoteIndent, reformat, and add a vertical bar to the current paragraph.
Create Div ContainerCreate a div container for the current paragraph.

Left Justify

Align the selected paragraphs along the left margin.

Center Justify

Center the selected paragraphs in the article body.

Right Justify

Align the selected paragraphs along the right margin.


Justify the selected paragraphs along both margins.

Maximize the Editor Size

Maximize the editor to fill the entire window. Click again to minimize it.


Apply bold the selected text.


Italicize the selected text.


Underline the selected text.

Strike Through

Strike through the selected text.


Apply subscript formatting to the selected text.


Apply superscript formatting to the selected text.

Remove Format

Remove the formatting of the selected text.

Text Color

Change the color of the selected text.

Background Color

Change the background color of the selected text.

Insert/Edit Link

Insert a hyperlink in the article body or edit an existing hyperlink.

Insert/Edit Anchor

Insert a an anchor in the body. An anchor lets you create links to that specific section of a page instead of the whole page.

Insert/Edit Image

Insert an image.

Insert/Edit Flash

Insert a Macromedia Flash animation.

Insert/Edit Table

Insert a table.

Insert Horizontal Line

Insert a horizontal line.

IFrameEmbed a web page in an iframe.