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 We've released a maintenance update to correct these issues in ACS Facility Scheduler: 

Displaying Published Events

In Reports, we've updated the wording of the Show Published from All Calendars option to Show Published Only.

If you select this option, only published events for the list of calendars display on the report. If this option is cleared, both published and unpublished events display. 

Form Image Names

Form image names can now be up to 255 characters and supply image names can be up to 50 characters. Previously, form and supply image names were limited to 30 characters.


  • When printing the List of Events - Summary report and selecting only Show Published Events, all events displayed, even unpublished ones. 
  • The Show Published Events option worked when the primary calendar was selected. However, if administrators selected other calendars and the Show Published from All Calendars option was clear, the event did not display. 
  • When printing a report and the Show Published from all Calendars option selected, the error "SQL Code: -2 Message: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. The statement has been terminated." displayed.
  • When editing confirmed, recurring, events and selecting the Bookings tab, resources displayed as conflicts. However, administrators could not select the icon to see the conflicts.  This only occurred for events that started in the past and continued into the future.


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