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In the November 2016 ACS Facility Scheduler maintenance release, we fixed the following issues:

  • ACS Facility Scheduler's Home Page now includes a Refresh button. 
  • When importing iCal feeds into the Google Calendar, the feeds did not respect the time zone. The event details were correct, but the time was incorrect.
  • When logging into ACS Facility Scheduler, the Dashboard displayed the correct date, but when switching to the Calendar tab, the calendar defaulted to the first day of the month.  
  • Recurring events only displayed the first instance of the event
  • Queries did not display events that contained apostrophes. For example, querying Men's Bible Study displayed no results, while querying Bible Study displayed results.
  • Saved Bookings queries that used "does not equal" did not work.
  • When querying and using an "AND" search with a date range and selecting Calendar > Does Not Equal, no results displayed even when events should have been included.
  • When someone whose computer was set to 125% or higher DPI opened ACS Facility Scheduler through OnDemand, display issues occurred.
  • When changing a recurring event to a different calendar and using the drop-down list, ACS Facility Scheduler added the calendar as an additional calendar rather than changing it. Only recurring events had this issue.
  • Some ACS Facility Scheduler clients experienced slowness when searching for users.