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Updated Dashboard and Action Items

Now, action items on the Dashboard display the calendar color so you can tell which calendar items need attention. This helps event coordinators see blocks of time when events and services take place in each area.  

In addition, you can drag the bar that separates the Action Items and 7 Day Outlook from the Notifications area to make either area smaller or larger. You can also drag the bar between Action Items and 7 Day Outlook to adjust the size of those sections.  


Copied Events Open in Edit Mode

When you copy an event, the copied event now opens in edit mode instead of automatically saving. This saves time because you can update the event without re-opening it.

ACS Facility Scheduler sends e-mail notifications when you save the copied event.

Copying events is helpful if you have events that occur frequently, but not always on a set schedule. For example, you may have music rehearsals on Tuesday nights, but as concerts and performances approach, you rehearse some Saturday mornings too. You can copy the event for Tuesday's rehearsal and edit it to schedule it for Saturday.

Print and Resolve Event Conflicts

When confirming an event with a conflicting resource booking, the conflicts now display in a printable grid. This makes reviewing and changing conflicting resource bookings easier and faster.

The Date Created also displays when viewing conflicts. This lets you know which event reserved the resource first, so you can effectively book resources and resolve conflicts.

Subevent Setup

We've updated the screen design when setting up subevents. Now, you can enter your subevent's name first, followed by the registration periods.

The subevent's capacity and reserved openings also display underneath the event and subevent details.

 Images and Forms

Preview and Reuse Event Images

When adding events, you can reuse event imagesThis saves you time if several events feature the same logo or image.

When selecting an event image, you can enter a search term in the NameMedia Category, or Description fields. You can also click the up and down arrows to sort these fields.

To avoid adding duplicate images, you can preview images when adding them to events. To preview an image, click  .

If you don't see the image you need, click Add File to add a new one. 

Reuse Event Supply Images

You can now reuse supply images, when setting up supplies in Event Registration.

For example, if an event offers t-shirts, you can upload an image of the shirt's logo. You should set up a supply for each size shirt offered, but you only need to upload the image once. As you add each additional shirt size to your list of supplies, you can browse for and select the image in the Select a Supply window.

To search for an image, enter part of the Supply Name or File Name in those fields. You can also click the arrows to reorder the grid.

To preview an image, click . After previewing, the button displays.

Supplies you add display in Event Registration Setup. To preview a supply image, click .

Reuse Event Forms

When adding an event, you can reuse event forms in Event Registration. This is helpful if your church uses a generic permission slip or release form for multiple events.

When adding forms to an event, all forms uploaded as .doc or .docx file types display. To save a non-image form to your hard drive, click Download.

To display forms that were scanned and uploaded as images or PDFs, select Show Images.

To rename a form throughout ACS Facility Scheduler, in the Select a Form window, double-click on the form's name. Next, enter a new name and click Save.

To rename a form for the event, double-click on the form's name within the event, enter the new name, and click Save.


View Published Events from All Calendars

You can now view published events across all calendars.

When viewing calendars, select Show Published from All Calendars to display published events from all calendars (along with all events from the selected calendars).

We've also updated this in Reports. The Published option in the calendar selection drop-down list is now a check box. When you select Show Published from All Calendars, all published events display regardless of calendar, and all events from other calendars you've selected display as well.

Add Custom Colors for Calendars

When adding or editing a calendar, you can now define your own color for each calendar.

To set your own color, on the Custom tab, right-click on an empty space.

If you select a color in the grid, the color and its hex value display. You can adjust the color on the palette, then click Add to Custom Colors to save it. Click OK to return to the Calendar Details window.

If you don't want to set a custom color, you can still select an existing color on the Web tab. We've also expanded your list of color options.


Event Export Report

We've added an Event Export to the Report Menu. By giving you the data directly, you can design custom reports in programs such as Microsoft® Excel©.

You can choose which events to export to the .CSV file. You can customize the export to include data based on a selected query, event types (pending, confirmed, approved, or canceled), selected calendars or tags, or resource types and categories.

In addition, ACS Facility Scheduler creates an additional extract of bookings.

Customize the List of Events - Detail Report

On the List of Events - Detail report, you can now include the the Primary Calendar, Event Type, Status, and Published fields.

We've reordered the options to make the list easier to read, and you can clear the Report Settings options you don't want to display on the report.

By default, all options except Image are selected, but you can clear them to customize the report for your church's needs.

Once you generate the report, you'll notice an updated look and feel.

To help you plan, the report includes full details for all events, including resources. We've also condensed the report by several pages without removing any of the previous options that were available.


Limit Advanced Queries to a Date Range

When creating new queries, it's now easier to limit advanced queries to a date range. This means queries process faster and contain the data you need.

The Event Date field is now the starting point for all advanced queries. Select an event date option in the Find Events for: drop-down list, then continue adding conditions, keywords, and groups for your queries.

You can process a query for this week, next week, the next 7, 14, or 30 days, the next 12 months, the last 30 days or 12 months. If we didn't include the date range you want to query on, just change it to include a custom date range. You can also remove the date range entirely by deleting it.

Advanced Queries on Date Ranges

When searching on Date Created, Date Modified, Start Date, and Stop Date in Advanced Queries, you can now search on a date range. You no longer have to enter two search parameters to display date information.

 Individuals and Roles

View Roles at a Glance

In Administration, when viewing the grid of users, you no longer have to open each individual user's profile to view roles.

We've added a separate column, so you can see roles at a glance. If a user has multiple roles, the first three roles display, followed by a message with the number of additional roles.

You can also group and filter users by role, which is helpful if you're cleaning up your data due to personnel changes.

Delete Individuals Associated with Events

You can now delete individuals associated with events without manually removing them from each event.

Previously, if an ACS Facility Scheduler user created an event, but was later dissociated from the user record, the individual record was converted to a login and remained associated with the event. When you delete individuals, they are now removed from each event.

Add Individuals as Users

When adding an individual as a part of adding a user, you can add and save the record with fewer clicks.

Instead of returning to the Administration menu, ACS Facility Scheduler now displays the User Details window, where you can enter and save the individual's details.

 ACS Facility Scheduler Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some ACS Facility Scheduler clients:

  • When printing the Listing of Events - Summary report that includes a query, the report displays a time out error due to the number of events.
  • If a user profile had rights to reports and someone tried to print or preview a report from a saved query "Squal code: 102 Message: Incorrect syntax near ')'." displayed.

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