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Happy holidays from Facility Scheduler! We are decking the halls with a number of requested enhancements and corrections that we hope will bring joy to your world. We wish you and your ministry a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Are you integrated with Access ACS? View the latest release notes for more Events enhancements and corrections.

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Change Custom Question Order 

 Event registration customization just got better! On the Registrations window, you can click the new up and down arrows to change the order of your custom questions. 

Improved Calendar View Printing

 We have improved the way Facility Scheduler prints event calendars! You can now print from the calendar view using a customized date range that spans across multiple months. Previously, Facility Scheduler limited the amount of data displayed, which prevented some events from properly printing when you entered a multiple month custom date range. 

Delete Event Supplies Images

 You can now delete an image uploaded for a supply from the Supply Details window. 

Improved Resources Search

 When you open the Resources window, your mouse cursor will now automatically appear in the Name text box. This allows you to search for a resource more quickly. 

Improved Advanced Queries

 When you run a new advanced query, the Results tab now displays the Registration column by default. This allows you to quickly view which events have registrations. 

Attachments and Media

 When you browse your computer to upload a media file, All Files is now the default file type. This allows  you to more quickly view all compatible file in a folder. You can still select a specific file type from the drop-down menu if needed. 




 When you click the Add File button to add a media file to an event, pressing the Tab key repeatedly does not move the mouse cursor between text boxes in the proper order.

 When you delete a user, that user's saved searches are not deleted.

 When you disassociate a user and then attempt to delete a roll that was connected to that user, you receive an error that indicates the roll is still in use.

 When you create a copy of an event, previously canceled sub-events appear in the new copy of the event.

 When you create a copy of an event, "Copy of" is added to each sub-event name in the new copy of the event.

 You can't save a query if it has a name that matches another user's query name.

 When you add the Start Time or End Time columns to a custom query, the columns don't properly save with the query. 

 When you create an event, restricted resources aren't available to users who have the ability to book restricted resources on specific calendars.

 When you run an "AND" query to search for an event on multiple calendars, the search incorrectly returns no results.