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We've updated the software platform where ACS Facility Scheduler is built. This major upgrade opens the door for a number of exciting new enhancements.


The ACS Facility Scheduler users area (Administration > Users) now has a fresh, user-friendly look.

The on-screen links now display as tabs, labeled FS Users, Access ACS Only Logins, and Individuals, so you'll know which users display onscreen. 

For FS Users, we've added a button to Disassociate Users, and on the Access ACS Only Logins tab, we added a button to Associate Logins.

You can now view more than 50 users per page so you can find the records you need quickly when you search. For example, if you search for Cox, but your database contains 50 users whose names start with the letter A, you can display more records so the one you're searching for displays without having to advance to the next page. 

Editing and Deleting Items 

In the Administration area, you can now right-click to edit and delete items inside grids.

In the resources and media files areas, you can also right-click to collapse and expand the lists inside the grids.


In the Administration area, we've updated how filtering works.

Now, if you search for a specific word or phrase, all results that contain that word now display, rather than just items that start with that word. For example, suppose you search for volunteers.  Now, church volunteers, nursery volunteers, and volunteers for worship display in the results. Previously, only volunteers for worship would've displayed.

Easily Locate Deleted Events

In Administration, you can now filter the deleted events logThis log displays deleted events for the past 12 months.

To filter, enter part or all of the event name, start or stop date, or the username that deleted the event.

We've also added buttons at the bottom of the window so you can scroll through the pages of the log. You can view 50, 100, 500, or all records.

New Theme Skins

Themed skins let you customize ACS Facility Scheduler's look according to the season or your mood. We've added five theme skins- Aqua, Christmas, Cupid, Springtime, and Summertime.

When you apply a themed skin, you'll notice different backgrounds and features. Our Summertime theme features a sunshine on the ribbon and a background that resembles sand on the beach. 

Updated Feeds Tab

On the Administration tab, we've added an option to subscribe to iCal feeds. You can subscribe to feeds or copy and paste links to feeds on your church's website.

With both RSS and iCal feeds available, we renamed the RSS Feeds button to Feeds and the RSS Link field to Link.   

Only Resources and Calendars Not Added Display When Editing

When adding resource categories to a calendar, the list of categories will only display ones you haven’t already added to the calendar. In addition, when adding calendars to a resource category, you only see the calendars available to add.

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When viewing calendars by date, we've added a Full Week and an Agenda view.

For churches that have more events on Saturdays and Sundays, we created the Full Week view. The Week view compresses the events on those two days into a smaller space, but Full Week displays each day as a separate column, and every day is the same size. If you have a lot of events each day, you can still select to display only events on certain calendars. 

The Agenda view displays a list of the day's events in order of start time, then by event name. You can place your cursor over the event to view the event's description and location, along with the setup and teardown times. This view is helpful on days your church has a lot of events.

Like other views, additional details display in the Event Details section in the bottom left corner, and you can right-click on an event to edit, copy, delete, or publish it.

Calendars and Location Display

On the Dashboard, both the Action Items and 7-Day Outlook now display the event's location and calendar, so you can tell when and where events and services take place. 

Enhanced Color Selection for Calendars

If you’re adding a calendar, you have new color and display options to choose from. You can color code calendars to help your staff identify which calendars events belong to.  

The new design lets you select a custom color based on the red, green, blue (RGB) model or the HSB (hue, saturation, brightness) model. You can also enter a custom color's hex code if you know it.

When selecting a custom color, you can move your cursor to adjust the color's hue, saturation, and brightness. As you adjust the color, an updated sample displays.

Synchronize Events and Contacts with Outlook

If you use Outlook, you can now synchronize calendar events and contacts with Outlook.

You can select the stop and start dates and calendars of the events you want to synchronize. The calendar export contains the event's name, date, time, primary location, description, and status. To update the information, sync the calendar data again, and the sync overwrites the old information.

You can also synchronize contacts with Access ACS.  

Export Events to iCal

Now, you can export calendars to iCal. Exports contain the event's name, date, time, primary location, description, and status. 

After exporting, you can import the file into your application.


Event Description Character Limit

When entering event and sub-event descriptions, the remaining character count now displays, along with a progress bar.

View Event Information in Bookings

We've updated tooltips in the Bookings area so that not only are setup and teardown times visible, the event's details display when you place your cursor over an event. 

Resource Conflict Resolution

If there’s a conflict when booking a resource, the date created now displays in the Conflicts window to let you know which event requested the resource first. We've also added the start and stop times. 

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Reordered and Renamed Event Statuses

When customizing a report on the Report Settings tab, we've renamed the Event Types field to Event Statuses.

We've also reordered the statuses to display in order of the event's workflow process (pending, approved, confirmed, and canceled), which  is consistent with editing an event. 

Cancelled Events are Struck Through on Reports

When viewing the Events - 2 Column Landscape, List of Events - Detail, List of Events - Summary, or List of Events by Resource reports, canceled events are now struck through. 

Updated Headings

The report headings are in black now for easier printing.

Display Booked Resources

On the List of Resources report's settings, you can choose to display all resources, used resources, or unused resources. You can also include inactive resources. These settings let you easily find which resources are not in use, which is helpful when cleaning up your database.

Event Type displays below the Title

When setting up the Event Request Form, the Event Type you select in Report Options now displays below the title when you preview or print it. This is helpful when the title may not give enough information about the event.

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 ACS Facility Scheduler Corrections

This ACS Facility Scheduler upgrade allowed us to correct a number of outstanding issues, including:

  • The error "Visual styles could not be applied” displayed in ACS Facility Scheduler, and a red X displayed over the button ribbon.
  • When deleting a past event with registrations, ACS Facility Scheduler sent emails about the event to the registrants.
  • Links from the RSS feed displayed event registrations instead of events.

  • When entering a date for the next year in the Go to Date field on the calendar, the mini calendar and actual calendar moved to that date in the current year unless you clicked twice.

  • When checking for conflicts, ACS Facility Scheduler checked for conflicts on past events, and these conflicts displayed. Conflict checking now occurs only for future events.

  • If an administrator updated the registration period cost for an event after guests already registered, ACS Facility Scheduler did not update the new total due for those registrants. The program updated the registration period cost on the event, but not the registrants' total.
  • When printing the List of Events - Detail report and selecting to collate multiple copies, the pages are not collated.
  • If you moved an occurrence of a recurring event to a new day that caused a resource conflict, ACS Facility Scheduler did not check for conflicts, which caused double bookings.
  • When copying events in Facility Scheduler, some events did not change the creator's name to the user that copied the event. The copied event displayed the original event creator's username.
  • When copying an event and changing the event type when editing it, the error "Acs.Tech.CoreDiagnostics.AcsExceptions+InvalidFormatException" displayed.

  • When searching on Resources and combining and/or searches, queries displayed incorrect results.

  • When printing from the Calendar View and using the Calendar Detail style, the last day of the date range was left out. For example, if the date range entered was 9/1 - 9/30, only events from 9/1 - 9/29 displayed.

  • We've updated the message that displays when you run an advanced query or report that returns no results. If no events match the query criteria, No results found displays.

  • An error that the EDT time zone was not valid displayed for Mac users on the OnDemand Servers. For those in a time zone other than EDT, the events on the Day and Full Week views displayed incorrectly.