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The June 2018 ACS Facility Scheduler update features enhancements in several areas, including a new way of managing requests. 


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.NET Framework Update

Before updating to the latest ACS Facility Scheduler version, you'll need to install .NET Framework 4.7. If you don't have .NET Framework 4.7, you will be prompted to install it before upgrading ACS Facility Scheduler.

Event Requests

Emailing and tracking event contacts and responsibilities

In Event Setup, the Requests option lets you request resource availability and document responses. You can also add new contacts and other responsibilities you may need for an event,  van drivers, cleanup crews, or teachers for VBS.

Sending requests helps ensure your event is adequately staffed, has appropriate resources, and is ready for confirmation.

Updated Dashboard featuring event requests

When you log into ACS Facility Scheduler, you'll notice we've added an Upcoming Event Requests section to our Dashboard

We've also added a Help section with links to the User Guide, Release Notes, and Calendar Legend.

Print event details, bookings, and requests

When viewing an event or printing the List of Events - Detail report, you can include requests.


Security rights for editing approved or confirmed events

We've added a new security option called Edit Approved/Confirmed Events.

Previously, users who had rights to add, edit, and view events could no longer edit the event after it was approved, confirmed, or published. Now, you can grant or restrict edit permissions based on your staff member's role.

View the Change Event Log

In Administration, we've added a Change Event Log to display changes for all events by date modified.

View restricted resources

In Administration > Resources, we've added a Restricted column.

When you restrict a resource, a check box displays in this column so you can quickly see which resources are restricted. You can even filter by Inactive, Combined, and Restricted at the same time.

Event Setup

Select multiple resources for events

When adding resources to new or existing events,  check the boxes for the resources you want to book.

View event statuses based on rights

If an ACS Facility Scheduler user doesn't have rights to approve, confirm, or cancel events, those statuses no longer display in the drop-down list. Only the Pending status displays.

Quantity displays when confirming events with conflicted bookings

When confirming an event with conflicted bookings, the Conflicts window now displays a Quantity column. This gives staff users more information to resolve conflicted bookings.

View conflicts prior to confirming events 

The Conflicts button displays a list of conflicts based on confirmed events and resources that are unavailable.

New default when editing recurring events

When you edit a recurring event, Edit the series is now the default option instead of Edit this occurrence .

Adding and assigning event tags

Tags are a great way to categorize similar events. To help, we've moved tags into their own section.

When adding or editing an event, those with rights to select tags for the primary calendar can use the  Add Tag  and  Remove Tag  buttons to quickly assign and remove tags. After you add a new tag, assign it to the event and it is saved for future use.

In addition, Facility Scheduler notifies you if you're about to add a duplicate tag and no longer changes tags to lowercase.

Display an event's promotional website on the public calendar

When adding or editing an event, you can enter the event's website URL and Link Text. This link displays on the Public Calendar.

Add resource contact names

When you request resources, the contacts associated with them receive an email notification.

Review event changes

Along with the Change Event Log, a new Change Log provides an audit trail when editing events. The Change Log tracks event changes, when those changes were made, and the user who changed the event. 

See who last edited events

When editing an event , the name of the user who last modified the event displays on the event status bar at the bottom of the window. 

Status changes after editing approved or confirmed events

Now, those with edit rights to the primary calendar can edit Approved or Confirmed events with a simple approval process. After making changes, the status changes to Pending and the event is marked as unpublished. 

If a user does not have rights to Event Registration and it is enabled, the user cannot open the event or edit it.

In addition, this feature works inside ACS Facility Scheduler, but not when using the Facility Scheduler calendar within Access ACS.   

Communication when editing confirmed events

If users have rights to edit Confirmed events but not to publish them, a confirmation message displays after editing the event. The event is unpublished but remains Confirmed.

Email notifications and options when pending events are deleted or canceled

When canceling or deleting events with resources, you can now choose whether you want to email to those attached resources' contacts.

  • When using the Public Calendar, the Add to Calendar link did not respect the local time zone.

  • When using the Calendar View, the Select an Event Type window opened when closing an event.

  • When trying to preview the List of Events - Detail report, a SQL code 102 error displayed.

  • On the Public Calendar, the Add to Calendar link did not work when using Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

  • When a resource was used in multiple locations for an event, conflict checking did not work correctly with other events using that resource.

  • When choosing an Australian time zone and logging in, a Windows connection error displayed.

  • When trying to edit a canceled Event Registration event that was recurring, all fields were view only and users could not edit them.

  • When trying to move a resource category to a different resource type (Item, Location, Person), “Unable to add resource category.  Please make sure resource category is not a duplicate” displayed when the category was in use.

  • When editing an occurrence from an event series that conflicted with a canceled event (recurring or single), a conflict message displayed when saving the event.

  • For events linked between Access ACS and Facility Scheduler:  When updating the end’s start time of a recurring event in Access ACS, the time did not update correctly throughout both programs.

  • When using the iCal feed, the Register Now link was missing from some events with Event Registration.

  • When using the iCal links, the process failed to start due to the volume of data.

  • After selecting a single day on the calendar or performing a search, the search did not refresh and pull from all events. It was limited to the day selected or last search performed.