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Remembering so many different user names and passwords is frustrating. Access ACS and ACS Facility Scheduler let you let user accounts and connect the user names and passwords for both. 

Linking user accounts varies depending on which program you added the user to first. We recommend adding new users to Access ACS first: this makes linking the accounts easier.

Linking Access ACS Users to ACS Facility Scheduler

Once a user creates an account in Access ACS and logs in at least once, a matching user account for Facility Scheduler is automatically created and linked. All you have to do is assign roles so that the user has permissions in Facility Scheduler.

If Access ACS users have not logged in before, you can manually link their user accounts to Facility Scheduler. To learn more, see Linking an Access ACS user to ACS Facility Scheduler.

Linking ACS Facility Scheduler Users to Access ACS

If you create a user account in Facility Scheduler first, you must manually link the account to Access ACS. You must also have permissions to manage user accounts in Access ACS.

In ACS Facility Scheduler, you'll need to add the user and select a role. Then, you'll log into Access ACS to assign permissions and link the profiles.

 To link Facility Scheduler users to Access ACS
  1. In Administration, click Users.
  2. In the Actions group, click Add User.
  3. In the Find Individual window, enter the individual's name, then click Search.
  4. If the user displays, select the record and click OK.
  5. If the user does not display, click Add New Individual. Enter the individual's First and Last Name, then click Save & Close
  6. In the User Details window, under General, click Login.
  7. Enter the username, password and e-mail address.
  8. Click Roles.
  9. Select a role for the user, then click Save & Close.
 To link an Access ACS login
  1. Log into Access ACS as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Security
  3. On the Users tab, select Other Users.
  4. Locate the user you want to link.
  5. Under Link Login, for that user, click Add .
  6. If the user's personal information is already stored in Access ACS, click Select user from People records. Otherwise, enter the user's information. The user name and password are populated from Facility Scheduler.
  7. In the drop-down list, select the Assigned Profile for the user.
  8. Click Save.
  9. If applicable, edit the user's assigned profile permissions. Under Event Registration, be sure the user has Grant rights to Event Setup.

The user can now log in to Access ACS with the same user name and password from Facility Scheduler. In addition, the user now displays on the Users tab in Access ACS, rather than the Other Users tab.

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