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The November 2019 ACS Facility Scheduler update features updates for multi-day events, event date queries, and several corrections. 

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Event Date Queries

If you save a query with a fuzzy date range (Next 7 Days, Next 14 Days, Next 30 Days, Next 12 Months, Last 30 Days, or Last 12 Month), results now display according to when run your query.

For example, if you create a query for events during the next 14 days and run this query on December 1, events from December 1-15 display. If you save this query, then run it again on December 12, events from December 12-27 display. 

Updates for Multi-Day Events

On the 3 x 5 Card, Event Export, Events - 2 Column Landscape, List of Events - Detail, List of Events - Summary, List of Events by Resource, and Monthly Calendar reports, multi-day events now display on each day they occur.

Previously, multi-day events only displayed on the first day and included dates prior to the date range requested. 


 Facility Scheduler Corrections
  • When pressing Tab to move between fields in the Event Details window, administrators moved from the Status field to primary Location, instead of Status > Dates > Primary Location. ACS Facility Scheduler did not check for date conflicts.
  • When uploading a primary image for an event, administrators can only upload image files, not PDFs. 
  • When selecting search criteria for a new query, the columns for the search criteria did not display. After editing an existing query, the column selections weren't updated. 
  • When selecting calendars for WebLinks URLs, you must refresh the window to display new or recently published calendars. 
  • When selecting to display events for resources on the List of Events by Resource report, then saving the report, the resource selections did not display when you viewed the saved report. 
  • When printing the monthly report, an event's details were separated and displayed on two pages. This used more paper and made event details harder to read. 
  • When printing the List of Events - Summary Report with the bookings but not the primary location, the bookings header printed for every event when the only booking was the primary location.